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Av. de Philippeville, 187-189
6001 Marcinelle (Charleroi)
Tel. +32 (0)71 36 03 55
Fax +32 (0)71 36 51 58

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Vangeel Electrical SA is a repair and maintenance workshop for electric motors. The company was set up in Marcinelle (Charleroi - Belgium) in 1989.

Launched in 1946 by Mr Vangeel, the motor repair activity enjoyed tremendous expansion until the 1980s, when the founder died and the company began to go into decline.
However, the arrival on the scene in 1989 of a new team of entrepreneurs revived the hopes of the 10 or so workers that full-time employment would be restored and that the company would have some guarantee of survival.

For over 12 years now, the company, under its Managing Director, Renier de Caritat, has continued to thrive and currently has 18 employees and salaried workers, with turnover in excess of 1.5 million euros.

Thanks to the unrivalled skill of its technicians, the company can undertake work on all types of electric motors and other rotating machines across the whole range of power ratings: maintenance, repair, winding, conversion or balancing.


Indeed, every day these technicians work miracles, so to speak, refurbishing motors that are in many cases very old or very large or making motors more efficient by effecting the necessary adjustments while keeping costs within acceptable limits. Thanks to the reputation Vangeel Electrical has acquired for its genuine craftsmanship, it now ranks among Belgium's 5 leading winders.
Vangeel Electrical has forged a solid reputation for its know-how among many users, some of whom come from far and wide in search of some means of "salvaging" a motor that is literally on its last legs. In addition, teams are sent out across Belgium to carry out preventive maintenance on installations that are vital to the nation's industries in every imaginable sector.

Renier de Caritat explains: "The strength of our plant lies in the quality of our men. Everyone knows his role and fulfils his function. They all seek to be polyvalent and to offer the very best services to guarantee total customer satisfaction..."
Should you require any further information on Vangeel Electrical or its range of activities, please visit us on the web at

In addition to their work on electric motors, Mr de Caritat and his team have designed and developed Microniser-type rotating atomizers and their different applications in industry or in the field of HVAC.
Mr de Caritat has maintained within SA Vangeel Electrical the work on the general development and manufacture of atomizers, but he has entrusted distribution and marketing to Mr Dominique Dallemagne at SA Microniser. This is a new company that has started operating (on the same site in Marcinelle) and has already been awarded certificates with the very highest quality accolades.
The "illustrations" section of this site shows a number of applications and other installations that the company has completed in cooperation with engineering offices, constructors, fitters and maintenance firms who have put their trust in the studied simplicity of this state-of-the-art technological development.
Microniser is now seeking to develop its exports and is willing to consider any proposal of cooperation or partnership.



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