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The Microniser atomizer, manufactured in Belgium by the Vangeel Electrical company, offers you a solution to the problem of humidification in air processing units.

This rotary atomizer (which comprises a high-speed rotary cylindrical cage) disperses the water in very fine droplets measuring roughly 20 microns in diameter by means of centrifugal force.

The spraying head is rotated at 11,800 rev/min by an IP55 200 W motor controlled by a 193 Hz frequency inverter.

Unlike many other fine spray systems, the Microniser operates without compressed air or pressurized water and is resistent to blockage.

The flow range is very extensive (0 to 150 l/h) and easy to adjust.
With the Microniser atomizer, it is at last possible to achieve:
- Optimization of the water supply in the air according to needs and environment to be conditioned.
- Significant water and energy savings.



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Microniser: Your Solution for air humidification.