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Odour Control.


The Microniser rotating atomization system generates a mist of micro-droplets of water or of any liquid solution with which it is supplied. The water can, in certain circumstances, serve simply as a vehicle for the dispersion of molecules.

Consequently, optimizing the air-water exchange makes anti-odour molecules particularly efficient thanks to this fine Microniser spray.
Industrial sites subject to olfactory pollution (such as rubbish dumps, water treatment plants, waste treatment factories, etc.) have discovered the Microniser atomizer to be a simple, efficient and economic solution for the distribution of anti-odour products in the air.

Advantages of the Microniser process:

  • Fineness and uniformity of droplets permitting more efficient abatement.
  • Reduced energy consumption.
  • Low investment costs.
  • No clogging: the system operates with tap water or filtered quarry water.
  • Applications: large volumes (hangars, halls, etc.) and outside sites.
  • Limited maintenance.


Microniser: Your Solution for air humidification.